Our farm was the first Certified Organic Almond Farm in the San Joaquin Valley. We were pioneers of organic farming in the central valley. Our Certified Organic Almond Orchard has brought us another high quality crop and we are now filling orders. We have really enjoyed serving each of you during the twenty seven years we have been farming and selling certified organic raw almonds. The quality of this year's crop will surely meet your expectations.

We are a bit old fashioned and prefer using the telephone to communicate and process orders. Thanks for your consistent appreciation of our high quality certified organic almonds. We mainly sell directly to individuals, families, households and informal food networks.

If you have any questions about our raw almonds, our production or our processing, please call Glenn at (209) 667-7494.

The 2018 crop will be available Oct. 15th!

Our certified organic orchard has set an excellent crop that will be offered raw (unpasteurized) to our loyal and diverse customers.
Biodiversity development and 37 years of organic soil building now results in superior & flavorful organic almonds direct from the orchards to you.

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