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Everyday Snacks & Special Treats

It's back to school for our household which means we're roasting almonds every weekend to pack in lunch bags. While I love almonds every possible way, my kids are a little more picky (like me at their ages). They love roasted almonds, especially if I take time to salt them or make their favorite garlic almonds.

A new product caught my eye at the grocery store this weekend - cocoa almond spread. We call my seven year old daughter a hummingbird because she loves sweets. And the brand name version of that product is one of her favorites. So I took our roasted almonds and put them in the food processor with what we had on hand - chocolate chips, a little hot cocoa powder, and some vanilla extract. And now we have a delicious treat. Hadley said it tasted like that spread she likes so much and a brownie (it was still warm coming out of the food processor).

Here's to settling back into routines that nourish our minds, bodies, and souls.

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