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Growing Almonds: A Love Story

This time of year, the almond trees in California's Central Valley bloom. It happens like clockwork. February's the month the new crop arrives as beautiful white blossoms and full bloom is most often near Valentine's Day. The timing is pretty perfect because growing almonds with tender loving care has been Glenn and Leslie's life work for 40+ years.

Glenn and Leslie met in American Samoa and moved back to Wertzba Place, a property that has been in Glenn's family for over 100 years. Leslie grew up in Tonga, subsistence farming with her dad. A move from Tonga to rural California might seem like a big leap, but watching Leslie work a weedwhacker you'd think that she grew up on Wertzba Place too.

Married for 50 years and farming together for four decades. Glenn and Leslie's dedication to life farming together is part of the terroir you can taste in the almonds they grow.

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