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Happy Independence Day

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Independence has been a core value on our small farm, leading us to become organic pioneers back in the 1980s. We enjoy the freedom we have to farm according to our values - using no pesticides or herbicides; growing cover crops that support biodiversity; and selling our unpasteurized almonds in small quantities to our customers near and far. Using our old green truck to water our baby trees is just one example of farming the Anderson Almonds way.

There is a proposed change to the "Roadside Farmstand" Exemption to the California Almond Marketing Order that endangers our ability to sell our unpasteurized almonds via e-commerce. Earlier we shared the link inviting Public Comment to the Federal Register publication of this proposed rule change ( but now the comment period has closed. Many thanks to those of you who commented! Now all that's left is for the USDA to review all 1,180 comments and render a decision. We will post when we know. To celebrate America's birthday, we're offering 10% off our Independence variety almonds during the month of July (while supplies last). Use the coupon code "Celebrate Indie" at checkout.

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